Fresh Mani | CND Vinylux Glacial Illusion

Fresh Mani | CND Vinylux Glacial Illusion

I always enjoy having my nails done, but I always get frustrated that a nail polish takes forever to dry and if the whole wait is not enough, I have to redo my nails every other day because it chipps so easily, ugh. I was super excited to try new CND VINYLUX collection called Glacial Illusion – not only it introduces an exciting array of crystal-cool shades that bring a softer quality to holiday styles, but also delivers seven-day wear. 💅🏼



The collection comes in beautiful, sophisticated colours that offer sparkle and shimmer in muted-pastels, iced pink and decadent blue. Here are all of them:














Its innovative technology creates long-lasting wear and durability with exposure to natural light over time – doesn’t it sound like a dream? Like, let me walk in the sun to prevent my nail polish from chipping. 🙊



  • Throughly cleanse hands and nails.
  • Apply two thin coats of VINYLUX weekly polish to nail.
  • Finish with one coat of VINYLUX weekly top coat.
  • Wait approximately eight minutes to let the nails dry.

The whole process of application is super easy and totally doable at home.


Let’s take a look at this brush – it is not too small and not too huge, it has just a perfect size! Honestly, messing up with a nail polish is almost impossible since this brush is super precise, and spreads the product evenly. Definitely, my favourite brush ever! 🙂


Nail polish products from this collection leave a foil-like textures reminiscent of crystals and gems adorn the entire nail plate. Moreover, they are breathable and enhanced with keratin, jojoba oil and vitamin E to give nails even more love!

Of course, it was too hard for me to decide on a single colour, so instead, I chose three: Radiant Cill, Alpine Plum and Cashmere Wrap. 😅



If you prefer shellac, CND also offers it in the same colour palette.



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