My Makeup Removing Routine With Garnier

My Makeup Removing Routine With Garnier

I am one of those people who cares about my makeup as much as I care about perfectly removing it. My skin is very very sensitive, so making even one small slip in my makeup removing process can cause a lot drama on my face. On top of that, I also have an oily type of skin, which means that my skincare routine is even more slippery. After many years of dealing with my skin type, I found out that removing my makeup and cleaning my skin have to be treated as two different steps in my skincare routine – it is a key to save it from any irritations, rednesses or breakouts, but also a time-consuming dedication. If that’s not already a struggle, believe me that finding products with right ingredients to achieve clean skin (with my type of skin) is a challenge. Thanks to Garnier Canada and its products with an oil-based formula, my makeup removing routine has never been easier and more effective!


Step 1: Makeup removing micellar wipes with argan oil

These thick and honeycomb-textured wipes are infused with an efficient makeup-removing formula, which contains micellar water and argan oil. Like a magnet, micelles capture and lift away impurities and even long-wear makeup without harsh rubbing, leaving skin perfectly clean, hydrated and sooth without any greasy after feel. This product is very convenient since after using it, there is no need to rinse skin and I can just enjoy its wonderful scent.


Step 2: Micellar water with argan oil

Thanks to its effective makeup removing combination of micelles and argan oil, this bi-phase micellar water captures and lifts away dirt, impurities and long-wear makeup while perfectly cleaning skin, soothing without overdrying it and leaving it with no oily finish (yay!). This product works wonders with sensitive skin (holla!) – totally recommend it 🙂


Step 3: Moisture bomb sheet mask

Finally, my favourite part! The moment I finish my makeup in the morning, I start dreaming of a face mask already. This water-based sheet mask with hyaluronic acid, an ingredient naturally found in skin, floods skin with intense, but weightless, hydration. Its non-greasy formula with green tea extract visibly reduces pores, provides a soothing burst of hydration as well as a fresher, softer, more radiant look.




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