New Lip Collection From Nude By Nature

New Lip Collection From Nude By Nature

We try to be and stay healthy as we all know that messing around with our bodies and health may have tragic results. I try eat healthy as much as I can (pizza keeps me sane though) and of course I am very careful about the products I put on my skin. However, I don’t think that I have ever closely examined my lips products and what goes into them as I have considered it not a big of a deal – these are only lips, right? Well, no. We eat lipstick. Different studies and sources give different numbers, which vary from 1.5 pounds to 6 pounds during the lifetime. I did the math and calculated that we consume almost two lipsticks in the lifetime – that is only when we take into the consideration the best option (1.5 pounds), but the number of lipsticks can easily go up to seven, which is pretty scary when you think about all of the toxins that go into your body. 😱

Thanks to the company that creates natural makeup, Nude by Nature, which drew my attention to lips and lip care, I have opened my eyes and completely changed my views on lip products. New 100% Natural Lip Collection from Nude by Nature is free from carmine, petroleum waxes, parabens, silicones, coal tar dyes, or any synthetics. Instead, all of the products are enriched with good for you, 100% natural ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Shea Butter, Desert Lime and Tangerine Oil for a 100% natural smile. 👄



Moisture Shine Lipstick

This colour-rich Moisture Shine Lipstick delivers an effortless sweep of colour, silky feel and luminous shine. It is a perfect product for a no- makeup makeup look as its coverage is something between full coverage and sheer lips. Its smooth, creamy texture combines active natural ingredients including Vitamin E and the native Australian Kakadu Plum to help provide antioxidant defence. Moreover, the lipstick is also enriched with nourishing Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and unique moisturizing microspheres to provide a lightweight and comfortable wear.

The lipstick feels very luxurious as its packaging is very solid and pretty heavy. It also has special magnetic closure to provide extra security for the product itself, ensuring you don’t end up ruining your favourite lipstick because you didn’t pay enough attention while trying to close it (or your husband doesn’t know how to properly close a lipstick, which is a more relatable scenario to me 🙊).



Defining Lip Pencil

Defining Lip Pencil is a highly pigmented, long lasting pencil to contour and define lips. The long-lasting formula is composed of active natural ingredients including native Australian Macadamia Oil, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Meadowfoam Seed Oil to soften and help the pencil glide on effortlessly with even coverage. What is more, this product not only adds colour and definition to the lips, but also helps promote longer lip colour wear.



Moisture Shine Lipstick + Defining Lip Pencil | Swatches

Moisture Shine Lipstick come in 10 beautiful shades and Defining Lip Pencil in six very universal colours. Here are swatches of my lipsticks and all of lip pencils (from left to right): 08 Garnet lipstick + 06 Berry lip pencil; 07 Deep Plum lipstick + 05 Coral lip pencil; 06 Dusky Nude lipstick + 04 Soft Pink lip pencil; 05 Pale Coral lipstick + 03 Rose Rose lip pencil; 03 Dusty Rose lipstick + 02 Blush Nude lip pencil; 02 Nude lipstick + 01 Nude lip pencil.


Creamy Matte Lipstick

Creamy Matte Lipstick gives my lips full colour coverage and smooth comfortable wear. The velvet smooth texture of it glides on for a soft-focus finish and lasting wear. It is highly-pigmented and richly formulated with active natural ingredients including Vitamin E and the native Australian Kakadu Plum to help provide antioxidant defence. Conditioning Mango Seed Butter, Castor Oil and unique moisturizing microspheres deliver superior performance and comfort.



Sheer Glow Colour Balm

The moisture-rich Sheer Glow Colour Balm is my favourite lip product on the go as it delivers fresh and light colour while enhancing lips with a natural shine. Its smooth formula is composed of active natural ingredients including Sweet Almond Oil and the native Australian Kakadu Plum to help provide antioxidant defence. Enriched with conditioning Mango Seed Butter, Vitamin E and unique moisturizing microspheres.


Moisture Infusion Lipgloss

I have never been a lipgloss person (minus the time when I was trying to be a cool girl in my early teenage years) as lipglosses always felt too heavy and sticky on my lips, but I love this Moisture Infusion Lipgloss as it is completely different from artificial lip glosses I remember. Nude by Nature lipgloss smooths and enhances lips with vibrant glossy colour and weightless shine. The lipgloss is formulated with unique moisturizing microspheres to help repair and plump the lips for a naturally voluminous look. Its non-sticky texture is infused with active natural ingredients including nourishing Shea Butter, Vitamin E and the native Australian Kakadu Plum to help provide antioxidant defence. I wear shade 01 Bare almost every day as it looks stunning alone one the lips or layered with any lipstick!



I also wanted to give a big shout-out to the stunning box with the vanity mirror that all of my Nude by Nature lip products came in. 😍 It has become a statement on my dressing table!


How do you take care of your lips while ensuring your body stays healthy? Feel free to let me know in the comment section below. 😘


Kissing goodbye to toxic lip products! 💋



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