VDL Finally in Toronto | Korean Beauty Haul

VDL Finally in Toronto | Korean Beauty Haul

I have been always fascinated by Korean beauty, so when the first VDL store in North America opened in Toronto last month I was very thrilled to check it out. VDL is an innovative makeup and beauty brand from Korea and stands for “Vivid Desires come to Life.” Its philosophy is to create beauty for dreamers and go-getters, which sounds like a category that I fall into.

Previously, I had a pleasure to test VDL Lumilayer Primer that I really enjoyed, so there is no need to say that I was very excited to see what else the brand has to offer. I my haul, I went for both skincare and makeup products to get the full experience of Korean beauty – read about them all below! 💄



Cleansing Oil Cream

As a double-cleansing believer, of course I had to get this VDL Naked Cleansing Oil Cream, which is a translucent cleansing jelly cream that powerfully removes all traces if makeup and cleanses skin. I started my journey with double-cleansing with BANILA CO Clean It Zero cleansing balm, which I loved and repurchased many times. However, I had to order it online and had really hard time finding it in stores in Toronto, so I decided to try Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil, which was not a product for me as it was very irritating and I didn’t like its liquid consistency. I am really glad that I have finally found a cleansing balm that leaves my skin clean without irritating it and is available in stores in Toronto. BONUS, it smells heavenly! 🌸



Cleansing Oil Milk

For the second step of my double cleansing, I chose this VDL Naked Cleansing Oil Milk that is suitable for sensitive skin and completely cleanses off impurities while leaving the skin feeling fresh and soft. This product really reminds me a lot of Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser as they both have a very similar creamy gel formula that turns into milky colour once massaged into the face. Totally recommend this product for an alternative/switch to Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser! 💆🏼‍♀️


Stick Exfoliant

I have mentioned many times that my skin loves exfoliating as much as I do, so I could not leave the store without thus Naked Stick Exfoliant. This stick type scrub removes dead skin cells, blackheads and excessive sebum. It also smoothes skin’s surface for better makeup application.

I use it on a wet face after cleansing by rolling the stick on my noce, chin, forehead and areas requiring special care. Then, I wash it off with warm water and enjoy deeply cleaned and glowing skin! ✨



Expert Colour Pot Eyes (Cluster)

These two things are probably my favourite products that I have picked. VDL Expert Colour Pot Eyes are long-lasting, highly pigmented glittery eye shadows. The shadows that I have chosen are Tutu Skirt and Candy Mix, and oh my goodness I have never seen anything like these! They are very unique, limited and create absolutely stunning shine on eyelids! 😍


Cheek & Highlighter Brush

You can never have too many high-quality brushes, so I also got this VDL Cheek and Highlighter Brush. It has goat hair tapered for soft application. I think that its shape makes it a very universal and multi-purpose brush that can be used to applying blush and highlighter any many more!



Am I the only one who loves samples? I find them very handy when I travel and I do not have enough space in my luggage to bring all of my favourite products with me. I picked samples of my favourite VDL Lumilayer Primer (which makes skin clear and transparent, so the light fills the face with its volume and maximizes three-dimensional makeup), Lumilayer Cream (which moisturizes skin while highlighting face contours) and Naked Cleansing Oil Cream. I am already ready for my next trip with these goodies! ✈️


You can now visit the first VDL’s store in North America on 829 Queen St W in Toronto – happy shopping babes! 🛍



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