The Body Shop’s Body Yogurt | Review

The Body Shop’s Body Yogurt  | Review

I have a confession to make. I moisturize my face and neck every morning and every evening because I know that this is a key to healthy skin. Yet, I keep on forgetting to moisturize my body, which needs it as much as my face and neck. Our bodies are constantly exposed to sun or cold temperatures, which means that taking care of our skin is a crucial thing to do every day all year around. Even if I remember to moisturize my body, I get easily discouraged when I think how long would it take to absorb (I absolutely hate a greasy feeling on my skin). Skipping a body moisturizer in my daily routine became a really bad habit and I would probably continue it if it was not the new line of Body Yogurts introduced by The Body Shop.

Made with community trade organic almond milk and real natural extracts, Body Yogurts are 100% vegan and the best body moisturizers invented for those who are always on a go. They absorb in seconds and work on damp skin, so I can jump straight into my jeans after application and get going with my day. When it’s just 15 seconds to glowing, healthy-looking skin, I have more time for the things on my to do list!

Not only these products have a lightweight gel-cream formula that is non-sticky and provides my skin with 48hr moisture 😱, but also smell so yummy you will want to just eat them (believe me!). 😋

Last weekend, I was celebrating the all-new Body Yogurt collection with a multi-sensory, experiential pop-up shop in Toronto called The Yogurt Shop. Installations highlighting Body Yogurts were absolutely whimsical. 😍 Keep on scrolling to see the installations and learn more about the products as well as their flavours!


Almond Milk Body Yogurt is the creamiest flavour in this line. It is amazing for sensitive skin as it has the soothing qualities thanks to almond milk.

British Rose Body Yogurt is a floral flavour infused with essence of community trade roses handpicked in England.


Moringa Body Yogurt is my favourite from this line. It smells fresh and floral since it is enriched with community trade moringa extract from Rwanda.


Strawberry Body Yogurt is the sweetest and most succulent flavour. Its juicy notes of strawberries will take your senses to a strawberry field in seconds!

Mango Body Yogurt is a fabulously fruity flavour. It is whipped up with an exotic mango scent that you will fall in love with (remember, I’ve warned you 🙊).



Never skip your important moisturizing routine when you are pressed for time babes! xx




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