Allbirds – The world’s most comfortable shoes?

Allbirds – The world’s most comfortable shoes?

Allbirds is a sustainable footwear company that uses premium natural materials designed for everyday life and a few weeks ago, I was invited to its first international pop-up in Toronto, where I picked up my pair of ‘the world’s most comfortable shoes’. Tree Runners that I’ve got are made out of Eucalyptus pulp. Thanks to magical eucalyptus tree fiber, the Tree material is breathable and silky-smooth, complete with a cooling effect to help feet stay cool. It’s naturally-derived and renewable, too, which means  it’s much friendlier to the environment than traditional shoe stuff. 🌿

These shoes are a light and breezy addition to my wardrobe, they prove that comfort, design and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive.



These shoes got the insane comfort of a house slipper, but they are also very stylish, which means you can wear them to school, brunch, or night with friends. I wear mine everywhere and love how I can go from strolling around the city to attending an event without changing my shoes sand compromising comfort. These shoes are also an amazing option for travelling since they are efficient to pack and versatile in style, occasion, and temperatures. ☀️



My favourite thing about these shoes is the fact that they are so soft I wear them sockless, which means that I basically live in them. Since I wear them A LOT, when they get dirty I just put them in a washing machine, let them air-dry and I am ready for another adventure! 👟



The Allbirds pop-up is located at 700 Queen St W in Toronto and is open until August 31, so don’t waste your time babes and invest in the shoes that your feet and our environment will love! 💗 xx




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