Fast Summer Beauty Fixes To Make Your Life Easier

Fast Summer Beauty Fixes To Make Your Life Easier

There is less than a week left until the summer officially begins, which means that it is the time to update our beauty routines and makeup bags. During the summer, I let my skin rest and breath after a long Canadian winter. Taking into consideration high temperatures and my oily skin type, I try to wear a bare minimum when it comes to makeup (I also think that my skin always looks better and doesn’t need a lot of products in the summer – of course, never forget about a sunscreen!)

I always look forward to the summer and associate it with a season that helps me save some time in my life. Days are longer and I feel more energized just by seeing the sunlight. In addition, I don’t have to spend hours choosing endless layers of clothing, I can even go out with wet hair and let it air-dry. I also try to keep my beauty routine quick and easy to make the most out of the beautiful weather outside.

I put together a list of fast summer beauty fixes that will help you save a lot of time and have a gorgeous summer! 😘


There are three things in my life that make me happy – food (obviously), sleep, and styled eyebrows. If I lack in of of these, you better don’t come close to me. I am not going to lie, I have always wanted to try a tinting product for eyebrows to make my life easier (done eyebrows means more time for sleeping and eating, you get the point). But I was worried about the application process (what if I mess up and end up with terribly shaped and too dark eyebrows?) and skeptical about the ingredients usually found in this kind of products. Recently, I have discovered and tried the new tinting kit for brows and lashes from BeautyLashes and I am amazed how great this vegan, plant-based product is! It is easy to use since it gives you a gentle tinting, so you don’t have to panic about having terrible eyebrows or lashes. I use it in dark brown colour and it is perfect for me. All you have to do it apply a pea-sized amount of colour gel for two minutes, remove the remaining product, then apply a gel developer for one minute and voilà, you have perfect eyebrows for weeks in less then five minutes! 💁🏼‍♀️


MultiBalm from Pixi by Petra is another must-have and timesaver that does it all for lips and cheeks. This multiuse, creme-powder formula awakens by adding a touch of colour to the cheeks and lips. To moisturize and protect the skin, it is infused with aloe vera that soothes, shea butter that replenishes, and rose hip oil that nourishes. The product is very smooth and blends really easily.

All of the shades of MultiBalm are very natural and wearable. I have Wild Rose (dusty pink) and Baby Petal (dark peach) and I love them both – they look natural and beautiful on the skin! I like to not only dab it onto my cheeks and tap onto my lips, but also use it on my eyelids as an eyeshadow. I think that using the same colour on cheeks, eyelids and lips makes my face look natural, cohesive and put together, which is important to me when I do my makeup. Plus, it saves me a lot of time to use one product that can act as many. 💃🏼


I am done taking about fast summer makeup fixes, now it is time for skincare. One of my favourite steps in skincare is face masking. During hot weather and high humidity mixed with dry and cool air from air conditioner, our skin needs some care to ensure it stays healthy and glowy. I love using this charcoal + black sugar peel-off from 7th Heaven. It gives a deep pore detox as it has cleansing activated charcoal to draw out deep down dirt and impurities and black sugar to revitalize, hydrate and smooth. It just take 20 minutes (while you can do some other stuff) to make skin feel squeaky clean and sensationally soft. Another timesaver that will make your beauty routine faster and easier for summer – checked! ✔️


While taking about face masks that I use religiously, there is another aspect that needs to be discussed in order to enjoy the summer of quick beauty fixes. Let’s make it clear, I love face maks, but I hate the mess I make in order to apply them or to wash them off. Thankfully, I found this new EcoTools Mask Mate set that includes a mask applicator brush and three mask remover sponges. The mask applicator brush is designed with soft, flat bristles to evenly apply cream, gel, or clay masks for full coverage, mess-free. The mask remover sponges, made from natural plant pulp, help to remove excess product while gently exfoliating the skin for a smoother, more radiant appearance. A quick at home spa facial experience that doesn’t leave a mess in your bathroom? Yes please! 💆🏼‍♀️


Save your time with these fast beauty fixes, enjoy the summer, go out and get some vitamin D babes! xx ☀️




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