Why You Need A Silk Pillowcase ASAP

Why You Need A Silk Pillowcase ASAP

A lot of the time when we look to improve our skincare or/and haircare, we tend to reach out for new products hoping they will bring a solution. We spend a lot of money on new formulations and techniques that don’t give us desired results. Our bedding is probably the last thing we would think about when it comes to beauty hacks. In fact, the secret to clearer, younger skin, and silkier, healthier hair just might depend on where we lay our heads at night. A right pillowcase can give not only a good night’s sleep, but also youthful skin and soft hair.

Skin Benefits of Silk Pillowcases:

  • In contrast to cotton pillowcases that can scratch skin and increase friction, silk pillowcases are more gentle to the skin.
  • Silk pillowcases don’t absorb skin’s natural oils, so they are great in helping with maintaining our skin’s moisture levels.
  • They prevent wrinkles from sprouting and premature aging.
  • Their texture will never give sleep creases. Instead, it gives a cooler and more restful nights sleep, which can reduce dark circles.
  • They can be a huge help in achieving clearer skin.

Hair Benefits of Silk Pillowcases:

  • Silk pillowcases allow hair to glide across the surface, preventing hair from getting tangled. They can be true lifesavers for curly hair that get tangled way too easy.
  • They can help with reducing split ends.
  • They keep hair from damaging and bedhead.
  • They are amazing in protecting thin hair at night.
  • They make hair look smoother and healthier.

Sleep tight babes and don’t forget about your beauty naps! ✨



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