Skin & Health Benefits of Essential Oils in a Diffuser

Skin & Health Benefits of Essential Oils in a Diffuser

Essential oils are extracted from stems, leaves, flowers, bark, seeds, or the whole plant. They are usually associated with aromatic scents, but they are capable of so much more than just providing a nice aura. These precious oils have many healing and supportive properties that can help get restful sleep, soothe away pain, boost energy levels, mitigate negative emotions, relive stress, and even greatly improve the skin!


Key skin benefits of essential oils in a diffuser:

  • Their calming and soothing properties work wonders when it comes to healing eczema, chapped skin, and acne.
  • Essential oils are great in restoring moisture, which helps with hydrating dry skin, decreasing severity of wrinkles and eliminating oily skin.
  • They have antibacterial qualities that maintain healthy skin and fight with acne.
  • They rejuvenate the skin each time they are used!

Key health benefits of essential oils in a diffuser:

  • Essential oils have the a powerful ability to calm anxiety, and even relieve states of depression.
  • They relax body and mind to improve sleep at night.
  • They are great mood boosters when feeling low since they can help de-stress, feel energized, and even bring positive emotions.
  • Thanks to their purifying properties, they clean the air and promote easier breathing.
  • They are also capable of loosening nasal and sinus congestion and enhancing aiding digestion.


My favourite essential oils and their benefits for better skin and health:

Rose essential oil – fights acne, balances hormones, relieves anxiety, fights depression, reduces rosacea, protects against viruses, eliminates bacteria, and eases menstruation

Lavender essential oil – reduces anxiety and emotional stress, improves brain function, promotes better sleep, restore skin complexion and fights acne, slows aging with powerful antioxidants, and relieves pain

Tea tree essential oil – fights bacteria, boosts hair health, relieve congestion and respiratory infections, fights acne and other skin conditions, soothes skin irritations


What are your favourite essential oils to put into a diffuser?  Let me know in the comments below! xx


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