Parsons x Teen Vogue Program | My Experience

Parsons x Teen Vogue Program | My Experience

As some of you may know, recently I took the Fashion Industry Essentials Online certificate program created by Teen Vogue and Parsons School of Design and today I would like to share my experience with you! 📓

One of my favourite things about the curriculum is that it the program is 100 per cent online, so you can easily fit studying into your life – all you need is an internet-connected device. Due to my busy schedule at university, I was not able to take the program, so for me this asset was very helpful as I completed all of the courses over the summer when I was in Poland – studying whenever and wherever you want is very convenient! The pace of your work is also up to you – you have one year to complete the program (if you manage your time well, you can finish it in a few months 💪).

The program is divided into five courses – each one has approximately six lessons that are followed by relevant assignments to expend your expertise in a given section of the fashion industry. One of the most interesting and self-explanatory courses for me was Unlocking Visual Style, where you explore the idea of fashion as a visual medium telling the story and develop your own aesthetics. Thinking Like a Designer is a very hands-on material as you get practical with fashion collection as a foundational concept in the industry. Understanding Fashion Production is all about garment and accessory production, you get a taste of all aspects of production process, from design to display on the retail floor. Working in Fashion Media was one of my favourite topics since it covers everything about the world of fashion media, from editorial photography to social media. I also really enjoyed Developing Fashion Marketing and PR Skills as it focuses on collaborative marketing, social media, and public relations that are playing an increasingly important role in the business of fashion.

Another amazing advantage of this program is that its content is highly visual, all of the ‘lectures’ are short and straight to the point videos. There are more than 70 videos with faculty members at Parsons School of Designs, experts at Teen Vogue, and real professionals working in the industry who give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s really like to work in fashion.

Once you’ve completed all course assignments and had your final course portfolio project approved, you’ll receive a non-credit Certificate from Parsons School of Design in Fashion Industry Essentials.

My most valuable takeaway from this program was developing my visual aesthetics and putting their essence into a visual portfolio, which you can check out below 🙂


Overall, I would definitely recommend this program if you want to develop a fashion portfolio and an array of skills in different areas of the fashion industry 💯





  1. Rukaiya
    23 May 2018 / 19:07

    Hello! I’m interested in this program as well, but I was wondering how much it cost? I’m a high school student, and I was planning to do these courses over the summer, and it never really said how much the program costs- I’m assuming it’s not free since nothing ever is. If it’s too much I might decide to not do it after all. Thank you so much for this!

    • Amanda Skrabucha
      3 June 2018 / 22:20

      Hi Rukaiya, I am excited to hear you would like to take these courses! When I was taking it the full price for tuition was $549. However, I would recommend signing up for their newsletter as they send out really good deals and discounts! Good luck girl <3

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