My Secret To Good Hair Days

My Secret To Good Hair Days

Since I live in Canada, which means that most of the year the weather is very unpredictable – one minute, the sun can beautifully shine just to turn into a snow storm 15 minutes later, I have learnt to be a night shower person.

For me personally showering in the morning was ideal because after washing my hair, I didn’t have to do anything it to it – I would just let it air-dry and voilà! It gets tricky when you wash your hair at night, because no matter how much time you spend on styling it and product you use to hold it, when you wake up, your hair doesn’t look anything like you hoped for. Or at least my hair likes to live its own life at night, so I had to come up with some solutions and in this blog post, I am sharing my biggest secret to get more good hair days!

As you may recall, over a year ago I wrote a blog post on Why You Need A Silk Pillowcase ASAP in your life. I have been loving sleeping on it for skin and hair benefits, so when I was in the store stocking up on some spare pillowcases, I saw satin sleep scrunchies and of course had to get them to see if they actually work.

This was probably one of the best purchase I have ever made. These silk sleep scrunchies are now my nighttime necessity! Their satin construction doesn’t crimp or agitate; instead, it gives a friction-free hold and eliminates frizz. What’s more important, they glide through hair without pulling or abrasion, so they are perfect to wear when you sleep! 🌙✨

Once my hair is almost air-dried, I part my hair in the middle and twist both parts into two space buns, placing them pretty high on my head for a comfortable sleep and securing with satin sleep scrunchies. When I wake up in the morning, all I have to do is to take off my scrunchies and my hair is ready for the day!


You can use satin sleep scrunchies in many different ways depending on your hair type and length as well as a desired style. They also make a creaseless alternative to traditional hair elastics to style your hair during the day or accessorize with it!


Have you tried satin sleep scrunchies yet? Let me know your thoughts on them in the comment section below and sleep tight! ✨ xx


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