My Fashion Design: Embroidered Velvet Clutch

My Fashion Design: Embroidered Velvet Clutch

As woman, I believe in our capacity to hustle harder than everybody else and achieve anything we can think of, so for one of my projects for Teen Vogue x Parsons School of Design, I decided to design a velvet clutch that would inspire all girls and women to make their dreams come true. 

In my design, I celebrate working women and encourage them to be confident about themselves. I want all women to remember how strong they are and always believe in themselves because they are able to change the world for better. 

Embroidered Velvet Clutch is not only a statement piece to every outfit, but also an empowering accessory to remind women everywhere they go how powerful they are. The future is female.


It all started with an idea and a project.

I am really glad that during the production process I got to learn more about different fabrics, sewing techniques, and visionary ideas that all led me to the final product I am completely obsessed with. My bag is pretty big and it is made out of velvet fabric (my favourite one!). It has a zipper and a small hand, just how I planned it to be. I also embroidered on it four patched and my initials to make it unique and match my personality.

Below, there are pictures of my bag.






Pictures: Konrad Grabowski 



Top: Bershka

Culottes: Bershka

Ballerinas: Zara

Sunglasses: Bershka



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