A Week in Montreal – Travel Diary

A Week in Montreal – Travel Diary

My husband Konrad and I were dying to go on more adventures in Canada and visit beautiful places that are located fairly close to Toronto. Neither of us has never been to Montreal, so when Konrad learnt about the Grand Prix of Montreal taking place there last month, we decided that it is a perfect opportunity for us to explore a new city in between the races. Konrad is a huge F1 fan (and even a bigger fan of Polish racing driver Robert Kubica), so he was super pumped for this trip while I was very excited to see the European architecture (that I don’t get to admire often here in the city of high-rise buildings).

Montreal is such an amazing destination for a little getaway and we had a great time experiencing again the European lifestyle for a little bit. Every corner of streets in Old Montreal is picture-worthy and there is a lot of cute cafes/restaurants with the best food and drinks from Europe, which made Konrad trying to convince me to move there (but I love Toronto too much to give it up so easily)! 🙊

If you are interested in seeing more pictures that we took at Formula 1, make sure to check out this post on Canera Media’s website.

Have you ever been to Montreal? What are your favourite places to go there? xx



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