OOTD | Love My Hood – Bench Total Look

OOTD | Love My Hood – Bench Total Look

As a person who has a pretty long history of moving places and changing homes every couple of years, I was taught to pack my life in several suitcases and find a new ‘home’ anywhere. When I was younger, I always had troubles with defining where my home was. At one point in my life, I had three ‘homes’ separated by many miles from each other and I never knew whether I was going to my ‘home’ or coming back to it.

Throughout the years, I learnt to appreciate my surroundings, but never to get too attached. I was raised in Poland, where it was so easy for my to say goodbye to every place I was living in. However, I was born in Toronto, which is like a magnet for me. After coming back to Toronto, I am happy to feel not only a strong connection to the city, but also an understanding of where my home is (these days even when I travel, I feel a bit sad about leaving the city). I know that no matter how my life will go and where I will live in the future, I will never love any other place more than I love Toronto.

All that makes me the perfect person to partner up with Bench since its clothing is for those who love living and thriving in their hoods (+ they are super comfy!) – and you know how much I love my hood!




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