Best Tricks To Achieve An Ultimate No-makeup Look

Best Tricks To Achieve An Ultimate No-makeup Look

Recently, I had a pleasure of joining COVERGIRL in a private YouTube Live session with COVERGIRL Makeup Pro, Veronica Chu, giving best tricks how to achieve the ultimate no-makeup makeup look and unveiling the new Vitalist Healthy Collection.

I was very excited to try this new line of the products since they are dermatologically tested and safe for sensitive skin, which is something very important to me since my skin gets irritated very easily. Moreover, they contain vitamins, SPF and nourishing ingredients to help you achieve a glowy, healthy look. I am really happy that there is finally a drugstore brand that introduced products focusing not only on makeup, but also on skin. 😍

Here are steps and tricks on how to create a natural look with the new Vitalist Healthy products, I have learnt from Veronica Chu:


Step 1: Vitalist Elixir

This product is a lightweight, medium to full coverage makeup that hydrates and protects the skin with SPF 20. Its formula is lightweight and oil-free to provide an all day wear. The foundation comes in 14 shades and gives a fresh, radiant finish.

PRO TIP from Veronica Chu: Apply your foundation in downwards motions to make sure the product spreads evenly on your skin for a natural look.


Step 2: Vitalist Healthy Concealer

It is a soft-brush concealer pen that covers imperfections and brightens the skin complex. It improves skin’s texture thanks to its formula infused with vitamins E, B3 and B5. The concealer is very buildable and easy to apply, it comes in six shades.

PRO TIP from Veronica Chu: Use a synthetic brush to blend the concealer, this kind of brush doesn’t absorb product as much as a natural brush.


Step 3: Luminizing Lotion

Veronica Chu advised to apply this product after foundation and concealer since the coverage both products provide may hide beautiful, light glow the lotion gives. It has peachy undertone that work well as a highlighter or as a lotion – it is up to you which one you decide to go with!

PRO TIP from Veronica Chu: Depending on your preferences, you can mix this product with foundation, your moisturiser, or body lotion. 


Step 4: Vitalist Healthy Glow

These stunning highlighters are saturated with rosy and starshine colours to bring out one’s skin tone. Their formula is creamy and buildable, it also includes natural nutrients for a healthy glow.

PRO TIP from Veronica Chu: For a natural no-makeup makeup look, use these highlighters not only to give your skin glow, but also as eyeshadows and a component to your lipstick or lip gloss. 


Step 5: Vitalist Healthy Powder

The powder is very lightweight, but at the same time it can provide more coverage if layered. It has a velvety, super soft formula that absorbs oil and sets the whole no-makeup makeup look.

PRO TIP from Veronica Chu: Since the product is very buildable you can layer it where you need more coverage, or you can use it just as a setting powder to finish off the look. 




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