WedLuxe Runway Fashion Show 2019

WedLuxe Runway Fashion Show 2019

The WedLuxe Runway is the show within the show (or rather – an experience that is an absolute must for people who are getting married and everyone involved in a wedding!). Even though, I could talk for hours how amazing the event itself was, I decided to report in this blog post on couture gowns that were showcased in an atelier-inspired environment – let’s be honest runway shows are what we all live for. ✨

The show brought me back so many memories of the times when I was choosing my wedding dress (almost a year ago!).  It still feels so unreal to me that Konrad and I are already married! 👰🏼🤵🏼

When I was looking for my dress I already knew what I wanted, but there are so many stunning dresses on the market and it is very easily to get completely lost especially if you don’t know what direction you would like to go into. That is why I wanted to create this blog post to hopefully give you some inspiration for your dream wedding dress. 🥰



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