What I Have Learnt During My Internship

What I Have Learnt During My Internship

This summer, I had a pleasure to intern at Glamour Poland. It was a huge opportunity for me to craft my writing skills and find out more about the journalism world in Poland. During this internship, not only I have experienced how it is like to work in an online editorial office, but also learnt how to make the most from it.

Here are my five most important tips for an internship success!


Remember, interning is not a punishment – you are interning to pursue your career path and improve your skills, so take every opportunity presented to you! Attend all events, talk to everyone, meet new people, take every task, and be present – you never know, every little opportunity may take you where you dream of being in the future.  IMG_1606

Use extra time to take on new and important work, assignments others do not want, or projects that have to been done even if nobody asks you to do so. Never ever think you are ‘too good’ for something! Be humble and work hard, it pays off! Your editors will appreciate your commitment and trust you more, which is so important in pursuing your career path!


Internships are not only about working, they are also about networking and making new connections. Take an advantage from being where you are, having good relationships within your team and throughout the organization can turn even the hardest job into a pleasure, boost your personal grow, and find you a mentor. You will also make yourself more memorable to those around you and create a network of people from the same industry.


Have you ever heard that there are no stupid questions? Well, that’s true. You can never ask a stupid question, but you can look stupid because you did not ask it. Always, always ask questions – it is so important! Your editors do not expect you to know everything – you are there to learn. They are more than happy to answer your questions or give you feedback to avoid misunderstandings and make your and their work more successful.


Last but not least, always be thankful. The company you interned for chose you over other qualified candidates, taught you new skills and helped you further your future career – that’s a lot! When you finish your internship, be sure to thank your supervisors and coworkers for everything they did for you!


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