OOTD | Province of Canada – Local Fashion

OOTD | Province of Canada – Local Fashion

Today, I am collaborating with Province of Canada, an apparel company with laid-back aesthetics, which does not deny its love for stereotyped Canadian fashion aka moccasins and lumberjack plaid. Instead, it takes these ideas to another level of luxury, quality, and casualness.

The make-in-Canada brand stole my heart not only with its support for the local fashion industry (huge fan of sustainable fashion here!), but also with its creation of Canadian style and culture in a modern way. Province of Canada aims to attract all of its citizens either cottagers who love wearing cozy apparel by the lakeside or urban residents who enjoy wearing comfy clothing on the streets.

It attracted me as well. I am a person who always has a couple of white T-shirts (they are my favourite) in my closet because they look classy and go with every outfit. Honestly, it is probably impossible to go wrong with them. The “Province of Canada” T-shirt, is white, comfy, and just really easy to style with everything – if that is not enough, it shows how proud I am to be Canadian.

I have paired my “Province of Canada” T-Shirt with a metallic midi skirt. Recently, I found myself a little bit obsessed with metallic skirts because they look great with any colour and they make any outfit stand out.











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