4 Steps To Perfect Curls With Kérastase Canada

4 Steps To Perfect Curls With Kérastase Canada

As a young girl, I used to hate my curly hair simply because taking care of it would take me forever, brushing my hair was a nightmare, and the feeling of having a big, blonde mess on my head was always with me. Believe me, it really takes time and effort to make curly hair look amazing as this type of hair is usually very weak and dry. It is easily affected by everything it interacts with (including weather and humidity; different combs, hair dryers, or styling tools). On top of that, split ends and frizz are never ending struggles that are very hard to deal with.

I have recently discovered a Discipline Curl Idéal, a line of products by Kérastase Canada specially formulated to provide curly hair with the nutrition it needs without weighing it down. These products added definition to my curls as well as reduced frizz. Now, my hair is left soft, shiny, and supple!

I have partnered with Kérastase Canada and prepared a four-step guide for all of you curly heads to make your life a little bit easier!


More than a simple hair cleanser, this shampoo benefits from a major and long sought-after technological advance – the capacity to gently cleanse while also supplying just the right dose of uniform. It leaves hair with an evenly distributed care without weighing it down.


This ultra-perfecting formula in creamy fluid texture is to be applied after the Bain Fluidealiste. It wraps the surface of every hair with a protective film while working at the heart of the fiber to provide suppleness, nutrition and strength. The transformation is immediate. Once rinsed and dried, the hair is stronger and beautifully fluid.

Step 3: Moisturize – MASQUE CURL IDÉAL

The shape-in-motion masque, with pro-kératine and elastin for over voluminous unruly curly hair, offers in-depth damage repair. Use this nourishing hair masque for tight, thick curls that tames volume at the root and promotes all-day frizz control.


This translucent no-rinse lotion reduces friction, protects the fiber during styling and disciplines even the frizziest and most unmanageable hair. Thanks to this product, styling curly hair becomes a true pleasure!

Final Step: Enjoy the feeling and the texture of your hair after using Kérastase Canada products!


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