How I Take Care of My Curly Hair

How I Take Care of My Curly Hair

It is time to talk about curls! Recently, my hair has been suffering a lot from cold weather and losing its bouncy shape. Therefore, I have decided to go back to my favourite products from Discipline Curl Idéal, a line by Kérastase Canada specially formulated to provide curly hair with the nutrition it needs without weighing it down. I mean if Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton brag about this brand, it must give you royal-worthy hair. 👑

I have partner with Kérastase Canada, which help me stock up on must-have products and expand my collection with new ones. They are all style saviours and I have been loving them so much – read on to learn about the best products for curly hair!


Cleansing Conditioner Curl Idéal


Curl Idéal is a sulfate-free and silicone-free cleansing conditioner that promotes nourished curl definition with natural bounce and a smooth finish. Its low lather technology gently removes impurities while its creamy texture immerses each fiber in a protective layer of cream to smooth hair. My favourite thing about this product is that it perfectly moisturizes my hair without making it greasy.


Fondant Fluidealiste


Fondant Fluidealiste wraps the surface of every hair with a protective film while working at the heart of the fiber to provide suppleness, nutrition and strength. The transformation is visible immediate! Once rinsed and dried, the hair is stronger, liberated and beautifully fluid. After using this product my hair is manageable and easy to style (and smells so good!).


Kératine Thermique


Designed for instant perfection, Kératine Thermique is a blow-dry care for unruly hair in the form of a smoothing taming milk. This product consolidates the hair fiber to restore all of its smooth evenness, ensure protection from humidity by enveloping it with a water-resistant shield. It provides in-depth care with smoothing action and a thermo-seal to protect against the damages of heat tools. Always, always use a heat protector (I can’t stress enough how important it is for all types of hair)!


Spray Fluidissime


Spray Fluidissime is a finishing touch of perfection makes the hair perform so beautifully that it becomes completely addictive (I use it all the time!). This translucent no-rinse spray lotion reduces friction, protects the fiber during styling and disciplines even the frizziest and most unmanageable hair. I apply it to dump hair and dry hair throughout the day when my curls need some extra help.




Oléo-Curl is a defining cream that promotes relaxed, frizz-free curls with hydration and shine. It enhances curl shape and definition without rigidity while providing frizz control and curl hydration. After using this product my hair feels the same way it feels after walking out of a hair salon, it is absolutely life changing!


Mousse Curl Idéal


Mousse Curl Idéal enhances curl shape and gives a soft finish. It promotes dynamic bouncy curls with a treated, soft care hair touch while providing frizz control. I have been always afraid of mousses because they would make my hair sticky and crunchy. This one is totally different – it moisturizes my hair, defines curls and adds volume.





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