#HairGoals: Function Of Beauty | Review

#HairGoals: Function Of Beauty | Review

Everyone is different and everyone’s hair is different, so why do we still get to use the same hair care products, which don’t consider our individual features? In response to that, Function of Beauty comes with high-tech ways to personalize our beauty routine and deliver shampoos and conditioners that are as unique as we all are.

Its cofounders – computer scientist Zahir Dossa, engineer Joshua Maciejewski, and cosmetic chemist Hien Nguyen – combined their forces to create personalized hair care products and bring a scientific solution to make our good hair day everyday.

Function of Beauty offers more than 12 billions of different combinations, determined by an online algorithmic hair quiz, to meet our #HairGoals.

Not only everything inside the bottle is personalized, but also the bottle itself has an owner’s name on it, which makes the whole process of hair care routine even more special!




Here is how it works:

  • go to Function of Beauty website,
  • build your hair profile by choosing your hair type, structure and scalp moisture,
  • select your hair goals, from shine and curl definition to deep condition and nourish roots,
  • customize your formulas by selecting fragrance and colour of your products,
  • fall in love with your new shampoo and conditioner!


Check out the video to find out more about personalizing hair care products from Function of Beauty!


These products are vegan as well as gluten, cruelty and paraben free.


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