FashionCAN 2017 – SENTALER

FashionCAN 2017 – SENTALER

Canadian luxury outerwear brand, SENTALER, marked its premiere runway show as part of the FashionCAN runway series at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in February 2017. The brand unveiled its largest AW17 collection to date along with a dance inspired runway show and performance incorporating two ballerinas from the National Ballet of Canada.  

“Last night was a dream! Seeing my collection come down the runway for the first time was definitely a benchmark moment for the brand. This season was inspired by my daughter – watching her practice ballet. The rich colours, soft textures and classic silhouettes are all meant to compliment the feminine silhouette and move with you,” said designer Bojana Sentaler. 

The SENTALER staple coat, which has been garnering celebrity attention from the likes of Kate Middleton, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, and more, is designed for classy and sophisticated women who enjoy fine luxury, stylish silhouettes, and contemporary lines

All SENTALER coats are made from fabric called Peruvian alpaca. Raised at high altitudes in the freezing Andes, alpacas have developed microscopic air pockets in their hair, which act like a thermal insulator. As a result, SENTALER coats are very soft to the touch as well as lightweight and incredibly warm. In addition, alpaca fiber has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic and the process of alpaca sheering is eco-friendly and cruelty free. 


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