How To Look Stylish + Wardrobe Essentials

How To Look Stylish + Wardrobe Essentials

I sometimes find myself in these moments in the morning or before going out when I cannot decide what to wear. I stare at my closet thinking that I have nothing to wear. Sounds relatable, right? That’s why I decided to create a little guide on how to always look stylish as a reminder to anyone (including myself) that there is always something to wear in our closets. Let’s get into it!




Everyone knows that classy clothing is always in fashion, but we tend to underestimate and forget about it. I believe that if you have a well-chosen, classy wardrobe, your life is so much easier when it comes to putting looks together because basic clothes are very universal and go with pretty much everything.

They don’t necessarily have to be simple black or white T-shirts; indeed, a variety in tops (shirts, T-shirts, crop tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, and anything that you feel most comfortable in) is always an asset, plus this kind of items are versatile and wearable all year around, so I am sure you will get a great use of them (buying things for one occasion, will only clutter your closets and make it harder to find the pieces you actually need).

The same thing applies to pants, shorts, skirts and dresses – classy silhouettes will never let you down. I love anything high waisted including skirts, shorts and denim pants. I think that high waisted bottoms look very flattering on most of the body shapes and are very comfortable to wear. I believe that investing in some good-quality denim pants and shorts, is a must in order to create a wardrobe of clothing that not only look stylish but also make you feel beautiful in your own skin. When it comes to skirts and dresses, I always wear pencil silhouettes since they look very elegant and highlight my curves. They can also be very easily styled with casual outfits as well as with the ones more sophisticated, which is also a bonus if you always want to look put together.




Another thing to remember is that classy wardrobe doesn’t mean boring! Don’t be afraid to play with some colour, an interesting pattern, cut, detail or a slogan that will add your outfit some personality!


I find that I can never have enough outerwear in my closet (maybe the reason for that is that I am always cold no matter if it is summer or winter 🙊). I am not saying that it is easy to look cute and stay warm when wearing a parka (if you live in Canada, you know what I mean ❄️) because that is a whole new story. But light outerwear like denim, bomber and teddy jackets are always my thing. I like them way more than hoodies or sweatshirts for cold summer nights because they are very versatile I can wear them pretty much everywhere no matter what the occasion is.

As much as I love buying new shoes (I mean who doesn’t?), I know that no one needs so many of them in order to always look fashionable. In fact, I have learnt that you actually need and wear about five (I know, five!) different types of shoes to pull off any look. Sneakers are my number one, I always run around the city either exploring or getting things done and meeting my friends, so I really appreciate a comfortable pair of shoes that look stylish. My list also includes ankle boots that are perfect for meetings or going out, elegant flats (I do not know how to wear heels, but if you are brave then go for it) that I can wear to any event or occasion, slides for hot summer days or when I am on the go and of course winter boots.





Choosing my accessories and jewellery is definitely my favourite part of dressing. This final step creates the vibe of a look and can make even the most basic outfit stand out.

I think that it is crucial to invest in some high-quality statement jewellery pieces to ensure they will last long (cheap jewellery from clothing stores tends to get worn out, which doesn’t look appealing). I love and usually wear gold, my favourite pieces are: hoops, pretty necklaces that are easy to layer and rings that are meaningful to me. My favourite thing about jewellery is that once you have a decent collection, you are able to style the same jewellery pieces with both causal and more elegant looks, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money.

Similarly, investing in accessories is something that I never regret. My top favourite accessories include bags and sunglasses. I always wear a bag or a purse to carry my things around, so it is very important to me that they are solid and durable. I like to have two or three everyday bags that are different in sizes and colours as well as a couple of more elegant purses I can wear to any event or occasion. Sunglasses are a must for me too as I believe I look 100 times cooler when I wear them.






Here are some of my favourite classy and beautiful pieces to inspire you to always look stylish and find something in your closet when you have an ‘I have nothing to wear’ day! xx  🌺



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