The April 2017 edition of Fashion Art Toronto, titled FASHION EVOLUTION, looked at key moments and circumstances in history that affected in shifts within the fashion industry. The event explored how social, political, economical, and environmental occurrences have influenced trends in fashion as well as how technological and industrial advances have changed fashion throughout history. The theme has revisited fashion trends of the past, looked at fashion of today, and imagined how it may evolve in the future.


Here are my favourite collections from the event:





VANIKA is both a ready to wear and artistic fashion label founded by model and designer Vanessa Kiraly as well as tailor Ildiko Csorgo. Its newest collection HARLEQUIN is inspired by historical Italian theatrical characters. The 18th century was a vital period in development of Italian marionette theatre, a popular form of entertainment among aristocratic groups. VANIKA utilizes textured, colourful, ruffled, and silk fabrics to bring the light-hearted but dramatic dolls and characters of the Harlequin to life in feminine form.





Inspired by shape and certain mood, Andrea JungMin Oh designs mostly by using colourless fabric. She strives to make delicate looks in order to present modern classy fashion with simple details, visual amusement and subtle illusions of garments. Her collection TRANSPARENT LOOK is inspired by atypicality of the deconstructionism and challenges the established rules in fashion. It presents unfinished looks such as exposed seams, raw edges, and displacement of certain components. Additionally, tight fitting see-through clothing exposes bodily shape and emphasizes glamorous beauty.





Sara Umar is an emerging designer based in Toronto, inspired by the colours and grace of her rich South Asian heritage. Her designs are a fusion of age-old embroidery styles and modern cuts, crafted with natural raw materials and fine fabrics. Sara’s delicate embroidery on elegant silhouettes embodies the timeless beauty of the female form, and revokes the craftsmanship of traditional hand embroidered fabrics.




Inspired by a childhood filled with Dutch culture, the collection explores the work of some of the Netherlands greatest artists and aims to chronicle the altering way we see beauty, persona, and style through their works. With Sarah’s creative avenues and own style of brushstrokes, she plays with brilliant colours tossed in a whimsical style to achieve the impact of historical art in modern day landscape. Delicate laces and flutters of white silk are given a bold contrast with luxurious brocades and intricate embroideries. 





Damzels in this Dress are Kelly Freeman and Rory Lindo, Toronto dress designers and retailers inspired by vintage and rock ‘n’ roll vibes. For SS 17, Damzels bring their attention to Nudie Cohn, best known for his hallmark designs for the stars of country music. In their signature fits and styles, Damzels presented a huge variety of dresses emblazoned with rhinestones, embroidery, and sequins throughout the dancing runway performance.





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