Guide On My Favourite L’Oréal Makeup Products

Guide On My Favourite L’Oréal Makeup Products

It is time to talk beauty. 🌸 Recently, I was lucky enough to work with L’Oréal Paris and test tones of its makeup products for you Lovelies. In this blog post I would like to share with you my favourite picks that now I use on daily basis – I am sure you will love these products as much as I do. 💖 Let’s get into the guide that includes all of the essentials every girl needs in her makeup bag!



A good primer is a godsend when it comes to fighting shine or creating a smooth base for foundation – especially for someone like me with a combination/oily skin type. It doesn’t matter if I am doing a glamours makeup for an event or just a simple everyday look, primer is a must in my routine.

When my skin gets dry (for example due to low temperatures and dryness in the air during the winter time), I like to give it some extra love and use Infallible Glow-Lock primer. It blends easily, illuminates and hydrates my skin while giving it a healthy glow finish. It is an amazing product to prepare my skin for makeup since it has smoothing, hydrating benefits.

Tip: You can dot it onto face and blend in an outward motion for an even, all over glow. For targeted glow, tap extra product onto your high points. 

Infallible Matte-Lock primer is the one I use most of the time because it does a great job to mattify and prevent my skin from shine. I love this product a lot as it not only create canvas for my makeup, also blurs any imperfections and smooths my skin. ✨

Tip: You can dot it onto face and blend in an outward motion or target oil-prone areas to defect shine.

Magic Lumi is a light infusing primer that enlightens skin. It has a thicker consistency than Infallible Glow-Lock and Infallible Matte-Lock, looking almost like a cream. Therefore, it feels too heavy on my skin type, but I really enjoy adding it to my foundation for a stunning soft light illusion (plus, it helps my foundation to look fresh for a long time). It has a glowy, not shimmery effect, so it also can be use to highlight specific areas of the face to create a sculpted effect.


True Match Lumni Glotions

This duo is probably my favourite set of products in this post. True Match Lumi Glotions are natural glow enhancers that instantly hydrate and illuminate for a fresh, naked skin-glow effect. I apply them alone to give my skin some healthy glow if I don’t wear any foundation or under my makeup to highlight and contour my face. I use the lighter shade to highlight and the darker one to contour.

True Match Lumi Glotion in fair glow (901) is one of my beloved highlighters since it has has some cold-pinkish tint into it 💓that looks beautiful on skin.



Infallible Paints

These matte lipsticks are in this guide thanks to the fact that they stay on lips for a super long time – honestly, I need a makeup remover to clear away the darkest shade. Moreover, their packaging is very convenient and their doe foot applicators make the products super easy to use, perfect for a girl on the go like me.

I am really into nudes and my favourite lipsticks are Infallible Paints Mattes in 340 and 344, I think that their beautiful peachy-pink colours look best on me. 👄



If you have a combination/oily skin type like me or you need your makeup to last long, you know that setting it is as important as priming your skin. Infallible Pro-Sweep & Lock is a translucent setting powder that sets makeup for lasting wear – when I say lasting wear, it means lasting wear. I apply it everyday and I really enjoy how it helps my makeup stay in place. If I need any touch-ups during the day, this is the only product that I use. 🙌🏼

Tip: Use this powder before and after you apply your foundation for some extra lasting wear! 

True Match Lumi Shimmersita is a strobe powder that adds soft prismatic luminosity to skin. I use it as a highlighter to define high points on my face, but I am really careful while applying it since it is super super shimmery. 🌟




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