Avène | How To Help Your Tired & Sensitive Skin?

Avène | How To Help Your Tired & Sensitive Skin?

Our skin has to go through a lot these days. Climate, pollution, stress and fatigue all affect it and can cause an imbalanced skin barrier. It is even worst when we talk about sensitive skin (HOLA, it’s me! 🙋🏼‍♀️😩). Even the smallest change in my environment or diet has an impact on my skin, so when I have learnt that the new Avène collection is created for sensitive skin, I was very excited to try it! All of its products are designed to rewaken skin’s natural energy, protect skin and strengthen its cells. They are also enhanced with the efficacy of Avène Thermal Spring Water, which means that they have soothing and softening qualities. Keep reading to learn more about these treasures everyone with tired and sensitive skin should have in their beauty closets!



Intense Eye Makeup Remover

The key to keep sensitive skin healthy and beautiful is to always remember to remove makeup before going to bed. This product is an effective cleanser as it quickly removes waterproof makeup and doesn’t irritate my eyes. It calms my skin and leaves it super soft. My favourite part about this product is that it has ingredients that strengthen eyelashes (yes, please!). 👀



Radiance Serum

This serum is an energizing basic that helps my skin keep up with my daily rhythm. It is the energy concentrate enhanced with red-fruit extract that acts as a powerful antioxidant. 🍓 This product is perfect for tired and sensitive skin as it lastingly revitalizes skin cells and instantly strengthens the skin barrier. I apply it alone or before my daily skin care in AM to let my skin rest and give it a beautiful and radiant complexion.



Refreshing Eye Contour Care

This eye cream is the ideal product for tired sensitive skin as it helps my eyes to rest. It is my favourite product from this collection as it makes me look alive! It does an amazing job in reducing puffiness, smoothing dehydration lines and making dark circle less visible (YAY!). To make things even better, this product has a great applicator that makes it easy and clean to apply it. I apply it daily lightly massaging then dabbing delicately. 💆🏼‍♀️



Cheers to glowing, fresh and radiant skin babes! xx



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