Beauty Tools You Won’t Feel Guilty For Using

Beauty Tools You Won’t Feel Guilty For Using

I believe in the power of baby steps to become kinder to our planet. I recycle, walk instead of driving my car whenever I can, buy natural and organic groceries, turn off the lights when I don’t need them, use a water bottle, do vintage shopping and try to reuse anything I can, but I know there is so much more to do! Beauty is one of the areas in my life I am continuously doing my best to improve and become more eco-friendly. I try to use as many vegan products as possible and I am always on the hunt for natural products that I could make a switch to and incorporate into my beauty routine.

Recently, I have been introduced to Daily Concepts – a beauty brand specializing in redesigning and introducing new technologies into everyday products to allow people to track the lifespan of their bath and beauty tools and therefore to cut down on their waste footprint. And let me tell you – I am here for it.

Your Hair Towel Wrap

This hair towel wrap‘s cotton base has a great absorbent power that dries the hair without friction or the stress that comes with a hair dryer. As a result, it helps maintain healthier-looking hair by cutting the time of blow drying hair and exposing it to heat, reducing the risk of split ends. I have tried it on my longer hair before I have cut it as well on my short hair and I have to say that it is super adjustable and works great no matter how long or short the hair is.

I use it every night at home, but I think it would be also a great product for travelling with since it doesn’t take a lot of space (compare to a regular towel) and comes with a reusable pouch for easier storage. Talking about regular towels – I was so used to wrapping my hair in them I have never known how heavy they are! I was so surprised how light this hair towel wrap feels on my head, I could easily forget it is there! I have also noticed that my hair is not frizzy at all and much softer after using this towel wrap compared to just a regular towel.

Another very convenient thing about this product is its unique twist and loop system keeps my hair in place – for me, it is both: a hair towel wrap and a headband. I really appreciate the fact that it keeps my hair out of the way when I do my nighttime skincare routine, so I don’t have to worry about getting my hair sticked to my freshly moisturized face.

Daily Bio-Cotton Makeup Removers

These daily bio-cotton makeup removers are what everyone these days should own and use. We all know that we produce so much unnecessary waste that we could easily reduce without scarifying anything and cotton round pads are a perfect example of that. On average, we use a couple of them every day (to apply toner, to remove makeup, to remove nail polish and so on), so you can do the math how many of these you throw away after just one use.

These organic and vegan makeup removers come in two sizes and shapes: the round pads are designed for the delicate eye area and square pads to cleanse the face and neck. They are super easy to use – no cleanser needed, just add warm water to these natural cotton remover pads and see dirt and makeup melt away. I usually don’t wear a lot of makeup on an everyday basis, so these do an amazing job with leaving my skin fresh and clean. However, when I do my ‘going-out’ makeup or go for a dramatic look with my mascara I like to first use an oil (coconut oil or a cleansing balm) and then massage my face with the makeup removers to ensure I get rid of any of the products on my skin.

Cleverly stored in one reusable laundry bag, they are perfect for the eco-conscious individual, avid traveller or lazy girl who doesn’t want harsh chemicals in the cleansing products. These pads can be machine washed and used for up to three months.

Your Dual Texture Scrubber

As the name indicates, dual texture scrubber from Daily Concepts has two textures: regular one for more exfoliation and soft one for the more sensitive parts of your body. Its textures come from natural cotton base layer with nylon scrubbing loops, making it a perfect product for body exfoliation in the shower.

Similarly to the rest of the products from Daily Concepts, this dual texture scrubber is environmentally friendly. It is made out of soy based foam material (inside the scrubber) to create a rich lather.

Another very neat thing about the dual texture scrubber is its label. Its writing is an indicator that fades when it’s time to replace the product to make sure you get the most use out of it.

Have you used any products from Daily Concepts? Let me know in the comments below! xx



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