My Beauty Summer Essentials

My Beauty Summer Essentials

Summertime is the best time to let my skin rest and calm. When I am not in a constant rush or stress, it is easier for me to take a proper care of my skin. At the same time, I remember that sunshine can easily damage it, so I make sure I give my skin everything it needs during the hot weather.

To revitalize, I use Korean sheet masks from A’PIEU, which I am completely obsessed with (just look at their super cute package!). It is just like putting one glass of health-giving milk for skin. Depends on its ‘flavour’, they all have different ingredients and features to meet individual needs. My favourite ones are Banana Milk One-Pack and Coffee Milk One-Pack. Banana extract helps make my skin nourished and radiant by providing enriched nourishment, and coffee extract helps make the rough parts of my skin firm by restoring its elasticity. Additionally, their soft milk extract moisturizes my skin by forming a moisture protective film over it – just perfect for the summer!

As I have mentioned in my previous post about my skincare routine, I have an oily type of skin, which means that hot weather and  high temperatures make my skin even more oily. To prevent my skin from getting shiny, I use this No-Sebum Mineral Powder from innisfree. It is a mineral sebum control powder that absorbs the excess of sebum for a bright, non-greasy downy skin. Its jeju natural minerals and natural originated mint restore an unhealthy balance of oil and moisture, leaving a refreshing finish on my skin. Moreover, it prevents makeup from becoming patchy while correcting dull skin tone to keep the skin bright and radiant all summer.

I always have a lip balm somewhere handy simply because I absolutely hate having dry lips and during the summer, my lips tend to be even drier because of the weather. I love nude lipsticks with matte finish, but usually most of them make everything worst leaving my lips chapped. However, this GEN NUDE™ Matte Liquid Lipcolor from bareMinerals is like a lip balm and matte lipstick in one, which prevents me from carrying two products everywhere with me! I got mine in Infamous colour, which is a mid-pinky nude – my favourite colour for the summer!

Mani goes hand in hand with summer and keeping my nails healthy is as important for me as taking care of my skin during the summer. I am not a fan of fancy patterns on fake nails; instead, I like my natural long nails simply painted with a nail polish. In order to get natural long nails, I use this SOS Brittle and Broken Nails conditioner from Eveline (I buy it in Poland because I cannot find it anywhere in Canada), which is a real miracle for my nails! It is a multivitamin treatment with calcium and collagen that really quickly rebuilds, regenerates and hardens my nails making them grow faster and stronger.

During the summer, there is nothing more refreshing and awakening than taking a shower with this coffee scrub by a Polish brand called Body Boom. Thanks to its natural ingredients, my skin looks smooth and moisturized, and always ready to be shown off in hot temperatures. It mostly consists of natural oils, brown sugar, coffee, chocolate, and Himalayan salt, which all help soften and cleanse my skin. It also regenerates my skin, prevents it from cracking, and provides it with a boost of vitamin E.

The skin around the eyes is very thin, which means that during the summer it is exposed even more to sun damage than the skin on the rest of my face. In order to prevent dryness and puffiness around my eyes, I use Pep-Start Eye Cream from Clinique, it is an instant brightening and hydrating eye cream that features a blend of peptides to help combat the visible effects of my busy life. Its lightweight formula provides a rush of hydration and instant brightening, so my eyes look wide awake and feel refreshed. Additionally, its peptides help support natural collagen reserves that gives my skin a perfect summer glow!



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