My Honest Review Of Clarisonic Mia Prima

My Honest Review Of Clarisonic Mia Prima

I am always very intrigued by everything that involves beauty and technology, so ever since I have heard about famous Clarisonic Face Brushes I have been dying to try them! Clarisonic secured its spot as one of the best at-home beauty devices in North America when it invented the sonic cleansing category over a decade ago with its patented technologies that have become the unparalleled gold standard in skincare. Now, Clarisonic introduced a newly redesigned cleansing device – the new Mia Prima and to my huge surprise, almost two months ago I came back home to a package with the new face brush and three brush heads inside. I have been testing the new Mia Prima and customizing it with different brush heads since I have received my package.

Seeing that skincare devices are a hot trend these days that a lot of people are sceptical about but interested in, I decided to write an honest review about my experience with Clarisonic Mia Prima.

When it comes to the device itself, the new Mia Prima is an optimal device for daily cleaning powered by Clarisonic’s patented technology, clinically proven to cleanse skin six times better than hand alone and remove long-wear makeup 89 per cent better than wipes. The device’s new design offers a simplistic, effective approach to daily cleansing with a one-button control and a single 60-second mode, sustainable for all skin types.

The device’s new look features waterproof universal handle, designed for all face shapes and contours. Its size and shape comfortably fit my hands and allow for easy usage. The brush also comes with a compact, convenient for travelling, USB charger that attaches to the handle and provides 60 uses per charge!

What makes Mia Prima unique is its customizability. Clarisonic offers many different brush heads to suit everyone’s needs and skin concerns. I have three head brushes – Daily Radiance Brush Head, Sensitive Brush Head and Sonic Foundation Head – and I am absolutely amazed by all of them!

Daily Radiance Brush Head

Daily Radiance Head Brush is a universal head brush, perfect for everyday routine and suitable for all skin types. Its curved bristles find every contour and hug skin for a balanced and clean skin. Inner soft, power-packed bristles deliver a deep yet gentle cleanse for better skin. While outer ring gently massages to whisk away dullness and impurities. After using it for a couple of weeks, I can already tell that my pores appear to be smaller and my skin looks more radiant!

I use Mia Prima every day in the AM and PM with Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser. I think the device would work great with any cleansing product, but this one is my favourite at the moment as its creamy formula moisturizes my skin (perfect for cold weather!) and softens with mineral rich mud and skin-loving nutrients.

Sensitive Brush Head

Sensitive Brush Head is a super soft brush created for even the most sensitive skin types. Similarly, to Daily radiance Head Brush, this one also provides the right amount of daily cleansing that’s neither too much not too little. It is great in removing makeup too! It is very gentle on the skin while leaving it soft and clean. This head feels like it is floating on my skin, it is that light.

I like to use this brush as some sort of gentle massager/mask remover since it is so soft! I have used it with my favourite Pixi Glow Mud Mask that refines skin with deep-clearing and glow-revealing ingredients. I was surprised how quickly and completely Mia Prima removes clay, mud and cream masks. It gently massages the product onto the skin, improve its absorption and removes the access without making any mess on my face and in my bathroom!

Sonic Foundation Brush

Sonic Foundation Brush is a makeup blending brush. I have noticed that it uses and absorbs less product than a beauty blender (which I have never been a fan of and always used my hands!), while making my makeup look natural and airbrushed – simply, this head brush is the best makeup tool one could ever imagine!

I have use this head brush with my beloved Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer and let me tell you that my makeup application has never been so quick and easy! It blends my foundation seamlessly, covers blemishes, acne scars and other imperfections better than hands! I felt experimental and decided to put Sonic Foundation Head to the test and tried using it with creamy contour and liquid highlighter – it blended them so nicely I was very surprised! My conclusion is that this head brush makes the my makeup application so much easier while perfectly blending any cream, stick or liquid makeup!

Overall, I must say that Mia Prima definitely exceeded my expectations! I love how universal and diverse at the same time this product is. I would 100 per cent recommend this product to anyone as I am sure everyone can find a head brush that would meet their needs best. In addition, even though the device is on the pricey side, it is a multi-purpose tool that can be used in so many different ways which I think is worth the price.

Have you tried any Clarisonic cleansing tools? Let me know in the comments the below! xx



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