24 Things I Have Learnt In 24 Years

24 Things I Have Learnt In 24 Years

Today is my 24th birthday – I definitely got older and hopefully wiser too. To celebrate, I went with my husband to Toronto Christmas Market – trying to act like responsible adults while sipping on a glass of mulled wine and checking some holiday attractions because what else you can do when your birthday is so close to Christmas! 🎄

I wrote 24 things I have learnt in 24 years to hopefully share some inspiration and motivation with you guys as well as to remind myself some important stuff. 🥰

  1. To never doubt in myself – everything is possible with a right mindset!
  2. To always make time for the people I love – no matter how busy I am.
  3. To be open-minded and listen to other people’s voices – learning from others is the best way to learn.
  4. To never judge people – everyone is different and everyone has a different history.
  5. To give my time and energy to the right people – negative people will only put others down.
  6. To never stop learning new things – there is always so much knowledge and so many skills to acquire!
  7. To always travel and explore as much as I can – that is the only way to discover not only new places and cultures but also myself.
  8. To take a break from everything and have some me time when I feel overwhelmed – face masks and cups of tea make life so much better.
  9. To always be kind even if someone is not kind to me – which sometimes may be challenging.
  10. To never worry about what other people think of me – they don’t live my life.
  11. To go out and meet new people as much as I can – there are so many talented and hard-working people out there that deserve to be recognized and appreciated.
  12. To always take care of my body and mind – they are like my home.
  13. To never underestimate the value of my work – everything I can I put my whole heart in to it.
  14. To be proud of who I am – only I can be myself.
  15. To write down my grandma’s recipes – I will never get tired of these tastes.
  16. To never compare myself to others – it is just a wasted time that I could use to grow.
  17. To always appreciate everything I have in life – never take anything for granted.
  18. To remember that everything happens for a reason – even if it is sometimes really hard to accept it.
  19. To stop wasting my time on doing things that don’t bring any value into my life – time is one of the most precious things that can’t be bought.
  20. To never let the small things in life put me down – at the end of the day, they really don’t matter so why to bother in the first place.
  21. To work hard, stay goal-oriented and prove that nothing is impossible!
  22. To remember that hard times in my life make me stronger – even if it may feel that my life is falling apart at the moment.
  23. To stop worrying about the things in life I have no control over – instead, focus on the things I can change and improve.
  24. To always aspire to be a better person – no one is perfect, but a lot of work go into shaping a character.



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